Developmental Trauma
in the Bodynamic way with Ditte Marcher

A professional 5 days training in Rotterdam, November 18 – 22, 2020



Intro workshop Bodyfullness in het Nederlands 

16 Maart 2019



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Reorienting Birth (8 days) with Lisbeth Marcher

Rotterdam (In English)

3-7 July 2019 and

1-3 November 2019


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Bodyfullness Training in het Nederlands

30-31 Maart 2019

In Rotterdam 

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most probably a 5 training by Ditte Marcher about how to work with developmental trauma


International Foundation Training 2020-2021 (in English)


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International Shock and Trauma Training | 2019-2020 (Full)


International Bodynamic Shock and Trauma Training in the Netherlands.


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Spirituality in the Daily Life| May '18

A weekend workshop with the Founder of Bodynamic, Lisbeth Marcher. Date: 26-27 May, 2018, in Rotterdam.



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Emotions in Movement | Jan '18

Weekend Bodynamic workshop with Ditte Marcher in Rotterdam. 

Liefde versus Verleiding | Dec '17

Anders avondje uit bij Djoj.

Contact | Nov & Dec '17

5 avonden workshop over Contact


Zelfwaardering | Sept & Okt '17

5 avonden, workshop over zelfwaardering

Blik op Bodynamic | Jun '17

Informatie avond over Bodynamic.

Taste of Bodynamic | Sept '17

Informatie avond over Bodynamic.