Why would you want a parent coach?

  • your child rearing is difficult and you need concrete advice and tools what to do?
  • you have a difficult period in your life, e.g. divorce, death or illness etc. and you want to handle it good with your child(ren).
  • there is a change in your situation e.g. a new baby is born, a new parter in your life, new job etc. and here again you want to be able to support your child as good as you can.
  • you struggle with your own things, and need to raise your child at the same time, so how to manage that?
  • as you enter different periods (age) with your child you want to know what to expect? How to support your child in it the best way?
  • do you have a busy schedule and want to know where to keep your focus on while parenting?
  • are you raising your child in multicultural environment and need guidance?
  • you are expecting and what to know how to go through the period?
  • you want to know more how to support your baby
  • you want to learn special skills after giving birth trough cesarean. Babies that were born though planned or unplanned cesarean section have not done all the necessary movement to come out. This can impact them on emotional, psychological and bodily level. 


How is Bodynamic supporting parenting?

In Bodynamic there are 7 developmental stages, where in each stage there are different themes and different ways to support it. You are able to know what to expect from a child at a certain age, how to be in a good contact and how to notice problems.

Including the body in a specific and easy way, that impacts the baby or child and the parent and child contact enormously. 


At the same time, there are 11 skills (Ego functions) that children should have all in order to live easy life, sometimes they miss of  some those skills and that ok. By including Bodynamic in your parenting you will be able to support your child in different skills that maybe you was not aware of, that help them deal with their life events. You will be able to give the necessary tools for your child, so she or he can apply even when you are not there. Pretty cool thing to achieve.  

I am very good at asking into the child life and relevant events in order to find sollution or support areas. I connect it to important aspects of their development and offer real life suggestions to kids and their caretakers. At the same time, I offer different movements to support the learning and integrating of a new skill for child or the caretaker.

I use the word caretaker, because often there are more people than mom and dad who are involved in the parenting. And those people can have enormous impact on a child, thinking about a teacher, grandparents, bonus parents and so on.


Possible issues that I work with

  • higher self esteem in children
  • help to raise your child's self worth 
  • better results at school 
  • more friends for your children
  • increase sense of happiness in children
  • help you to become a better parent
  • create or strengthen the connection between parent and a child
  • create or strengthen the connection between siblings
  • how to understand your child better
  • movement difficulties that don't have medical reason
  • stomach pains that don't have a medical reason


I offer concrete advice and coaching, applicable to most kids and parents. 


Professional part with children:

  • babysitter at age 13, 
  • kids dance teacher with all kids, with and without behaviour disorders (age 6-11)
  • volunteering in school, helping kids to learn how to read
  • 2019 created together with my husband and the team of Bodynamic a parenting class of 4 days, where the caretaker and child both get the deserved guidelines.
  • 2019 created together with Bodynamic team a program for children 7-12 of age for teachers at school with the goal of emotional regulation for kids with behaviour difficulties and without. The research is being done in 2 countries at this moment. 
  • volunteering in the closed youth institution.
  • I follow the latest research regarding what and how impacts children and their wellbeing. 
  • a offer supervision and coaching to children therapist and dance teachers about children



45 min - 1 hour


contact me for appointment or if you have more questions:

Painting by Gintare Zykute