Spirituality in Everyday Life with Lisbeth Marcher

What is spirituality and why is it important?

It is a place that vibrates faster than you normally do. By connecting into that field, we can expand ourselves, our ego, our personality. It is important that when connecting the a person maintains contact with their own center and their own personality. In that way a person can get more contact with other people, nature and animals. At the same time, one senses more into the being of here and now, and will experience that this place contains a lot of strength and joy. You are part of this field, so how can you endeavor to be more in touch with it and sense it through the body? Because when you can, you will experience a greater cohesion with everything, the earth, ocean, sky, animals and other people.

What are we going to do?

In this workshop, we are going to train our spirituality through the body with using our body. You will learn how to own your spirituality from the center in your body and how to live your spirituality in everyday life. You will learn this through both theory and exercises.

What will you gain after attending this workshop?

  • A better sense of your center and how the center is connected into your spirituality all the time.
  • More experience on how to sense your center and emotions. How you can move the energy from the center into the heart and make contact from there.
  • When you work with people (as a therapist, social worker, teacher etc), you will be able to stay in contact with your center, and then not lose it by merging with others (“being them“) and that you will be able let your energy be home in your own body and from there mirror them others.
  • In this way you will learn how to be in contact without losing the sense of yourself.
  • In that way you get less exhausted and can be more satisfied.
  • Able to be in deeper contact (e.g. with your partner, children or friends), without losing the sense of your own emotions. At the same time you will be able to sense your own center and personal boundaries, and in that way your own emotions.
  • It will activate more compassion for yourself and others.

So let’s make the brain more bodily mindful, as Lisbeth Marcher describes it as state of peace and open mind!

About the trainer Lisbeth Marcher

L. Marcher is the founder of the Bodynamic System and of Bodynamic International in collaboration with various colleagues. She is the former director of the Bodynamic System, currently is the international supervisor for all educational issues. Lisbeth Marcher is honorary member and a former president of EABP.

She has presented her work and taught in many countries and conferences, since the 1970′s. Her biggest contribution through research she conducted and figured out how muscles and psychological functions are connected by studying childhood developmental movements. She is also the first one who implemented muscle hyper and hypo response into a psychology system. She teaches how to develop and use resources before delving into deeper issues. She taught never to breaks the body’s armor, instead she helps clients to develop new resources and new behaviors, so they don’t need to use their defense system automatically, but still they still can use it on purpose if they want to. She teaches how your defense system is your friend, because only if we have defense system are we able to survive in a constructive way. In this way she developed our character structure system, where you get never get stuck in a box, but can develop yourself.

During the late 1980′s she was part of developing the Bodynamic approach to resolving shock-trauma – and also here developing new resources – which is now a separate training from the Foundation (20-24 days) and the Practitioner training.

She has numerous publications, mostly in Danish and she authored the book The Body Encyclopedia. She is working on writing another book about character structures, it goes slow however as she is fighting with the dyslexia, and writing in Danish. Today Lisbeth is part of the Bodynamic international teaching team, and travels to Greece, Brazil, Germany, Hong Kong, the Netherlands and Denmark.

Practical Information

Date: 26 and 27 of May 2018
Time: 10.00-17.00
Address: Antony Duyklaan 5-7
3051 HA   Rotterdam
The Netherlands

Email: kristina@bodynamic.com
Tel: 0031624656040
Organised by: Stichting Bodynamic
Language: English (with a possibility for Dutch translation)
Price: 350,- EUR
Maximum participants: 20


In order to sign up for this workshop send an email, after which you will get a request to

a transfer a 100,- EUR  is to be deposit to:

Stichting Bodynamic account (IBAN nr):

 NL55 INGB 0008 1733 17

Only when funds are received, is your place in the workshop reserved.

Please state: Spirituality in Everyday life and your full name in the description.

The rest of the payment can be transferred at the latest 3 days before the workshop or by bringing cash on the first day of training. In case you decide you do not wish to participate in the workshop more than 2 weeks before the start date, the deposit amount will be refunded.