Bodynamic Psychotherapy


What is Bodynamic?

It is a somatic psychology system, where our body, muscles are connected to our psychological aspects. There is a whole encyclopedia about it!

Did you know it is in your muscles stored how well you are able to make friends? Or to keep your boundaries and say NO? And much much more!

In therapy, using the Bodynamic method it involves the body as well as the brain.

I highly recommend to make a Bodymap first. It reduces the amount of hours in therapy and increases the accuracy. 


How is Bodynamic helping parenting?

In Bodynamic there are 7 developmental stages, where in each stage there are different themes and different ways to support it. You are able to know what to expect from a child at a certain age, how to be in a good contact and how to notice problems.

Including the body in a specific and easy way impacts the child and the parent and child contact enormously. 


Why choose Bodynamic?

It creates big impact when involving the body in the therapy and in parenting as well as it changes the deep imprint. In Bodynamic I am trained to focus on the resources first, before touching the painful or problematic areas. The goal is to have options for behaviour and being able to chose consciously in it. 

Another important thing in Bodynamic is that we need many skills, in order to live the life we want. It is called the Ego Function (11). If you have not learned it, you can not use it, but you still need it. In therapy you get taught new skills as well, that you have missed. Think about being able to see the reality as it is, or stand your own ground, how to be more romantic or take good things it. 

The value of one's dignity and mutual connection is essential in Bodynamic therapy and way of parenting.


Bodynamic Shock and Trauma Therapy

A specific method used in working with Shock and Trauma. When an unexpected and painful event happens, it shakes our whole system. In order to heal it long term it is important to focus on the body as well.

In the this therapy I focus firstly to strengthen the person, and only in later stages we go to the trauma place. It is a gentle and yet very impactful way of healing the trauma. Where the person can find her or his treasure and came out of it stronger.


See below link for article about the work on shock and trauma with Bodynamic.


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