Emotions in Movement | Jan '18

Workshop in Rotterdam, the Netherlands

Address: Antony Duyklaan 5-7, 3051 HA Rotterdam (Centrum Djoj)

Dates: 13 and 14 January (Weekend)               

Time: 10:00-17:00                                             

Price: 250, - Euro

Max 16 participants

Language: English (Dutch translation is possible)    


Come and improve your emotional intelligence (EQ). EQ forms the base of one’s character, potential, state of (un)happiness and determines the life we live. While the IQ (Intelligence Quotient) predicts only 20% of life success, the 80% is all other factors. Considering EQ is a relatively new concept, and is broadly described by bestseller author D. Goleman we know that good grades and good head on ones shoulders do not determine ones path. The intelligence of (inter)personal skills are the key. To be good at it, increasing the EQ is not a luxury but more an important school for your happiness on different areas, work, family, social and personal. 


A little brain history

As our brain developed, the thinking and planning part (the neocortex), was build on a much older part of the brain, the limbic part, the emotional part. Therefor all the wires from the thinking and deciding part are physically connected to the emotional part. It took 100 million years to develop the neocortex after the limbic part of the brain was already there. Little like the roots (limbic part) of a tree nurture the tree (neocortex).  So to assume that the mind rules is a myth. In short:  our emotions come before our decisions, and then the mind will think of an argument that fits that emotional state. That is the sequence of how we react. So our emotional state forms our thoughts, and our thoughts give the base for our actions. And our actions form our character.

We offer a workshop that will help you to increase your personal EQ. The workshop is based on the principles of Bodynamic system. This is a body oriented and evidence based psychotherapy system that includes muscles connected with different psychological areas. Bodynamic system has helped over many decades people regarding various psychological and physiological problems. 

Being one of the oldest systems that connects body and mind, as well as based on scientific research makes the approach of Bodynamic one of a kind in its field. It’s the place where a person comes to his/her own truth. Where the core believe is to have harmony between your own sense of dignity and connection with others.

So if you: want to increase your emotional understanding, your own roots, or you are curious or troubled regarding your own actions, decisions, emotions, way of life, your body and mind: come and join us for a 2 day workshop where the core of the happiness lies, the befriending of all emotions and getting more possibilities to respond to various situations.

The programme

The programme will contain various lectures on the subject together with physical exercises. Considering it is a small group, with maximum of 16 participants there will be space for individual cases. The guest trainer is a world class trainer Ditte Marcher. With experience of more than 30 years on a global scale, her work lead to ripple effect all over the world. While Bodynamic institute is growing on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean, and her latest project was picked up by the veterans in several countries to help them heal, she succeeded to successfully continue in the family line of her mother in the Bodynamic. After her last visit after 2 years we want to bring Bodynamic back to the Netherlands.

Extra information

In this training the focus will be on the emotions and what lies together with them. If you are familiar with Bodynamic it will definitely deepen your knowledge regarding the topic of emotions and body, connecting and understanding it with the Ego functions. And if it will be your first meeting then it will help you to broaden the focus of the emotional world that we constantly live it. All our decisions are made by emotions in the first place, and later the mind helps to put arguments to support that as mentioned before.

By being more aware what emotions we carry and how our body is, or is not reacting to it will give us the tools to address them and steer them. We all know how easy we can make wrong decisions in the wrong mood. Or how our emotional state can impact the quality of life. In this workshop we will get the knowledge and tools how to be our own captain of the emotional ship, instead of the waves deciding where the ship is sailing.

Travel information

By train:  station ’Rotterdam Station Noord’ 550m walk or tram station ‘Kootsekade’ (tram 8 or 4, 120m walk, you can take tram 8 and 4 at Rotterdam Central Station, it takes 17 min.

By car: Free parking near station ‘Station Noord’, 550m walk or near Swimming pool ‘De Wilgering’, Melanchtonweg 70, aprox. 1 km walk.



With kind regards,

Ditte Marcher (CEO and trainer in Bodynamic International)

Kristina Vasiljevaite (coordinator)                 

See You there!