In 2019 we will start with the new international Bodynamic Shock and Trauma training!




6 times 5 days (Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday)

time: 10.00-17.00



A. Process part

1. 20-24 November 2019

2. 22-26 Januari 2020

3. 4-8 March 2020


B. Professional Part

4. 3-7 June 2020

5. 30 September- 4 October 2020

6. 11-15 November 2020


there can only be up to maximum of 18 participants


Short information 

For the first time in many years we have the opportunity to host an International Shock and Trauma training, both Personal as well as Professional part!

This training will give You the chance to heal your own shock or trauma in a group setting, with skilled professionals using Bodynamic method. In the second part You will learn what was done during that proces, as well as You will be taught how to apply it in Your own professional life. 


The Bodynamic Shock and Trauma Training is being used at the moment to heal veterans, the programme reached huge succes and continue doing so. In our training we will be having teachers that participated in this successful programme as well as with the creator of it, Ditte Marcher.  


For more detailed information about the training click here


For whom?

For psychotherapists, pedagogues, psychologist, social workers, yoga practitioners, physiotherapists and other professionals that are interacting with people. 

At the same time for people that are seeking more knowledge about themselves and seek personal growth.


What will be thought?

The whole programme how to apply body and mind in healing and growing after shock or trauma, without re-traumatising. The resourcing method will be applied here, with that we will focus how to come out not only healed, but even stronger after the experienced shock or trauma, how to get more energy for here and now, and bring it back what was left behind of it because of it.

The training will have different methods, working in big group and in small groups, and because there will be always at least two trainers , there will be space and time for each individual case.


What would You gain from it?

Healing shock or trauma

More energy in the daily life

More resources 

Better mutual connection, better relationships with others

Stronger sense of own dignity, better relationship with Yourself

And all the side effects that go along with all the mentioned above!


Of the professional part

You will learn the tools and how to use them in order to help you client in healing and growing after their shock or trauma. 

You will be thought by Ditte Marcher, who is the pioneer of this programme, and most experienced in this field. Ditte Marcher will be in the 2 out of 3 modules of the professional part. 



Practical information 

To be able to get a place in this training You have to send me an email, and I will send a short questionnaire, in some cases there will be an interview beforehand of 20-30 min. (which can be done through Skype as well)

If You are interest only in Process part A, You are not obligated to take part in the Professional part B. But if You want to take the Professional part B, then You have to finish the Process.

The reason for it, that before you learn how to help the other with their shock or trauma, You need to go through the whole process yourself. If you don't, Your own issues will come up during the professional, and that would make the learning process way less productive. 



Centrum Djoj

Antony Duyklaan 5-7-9

3051 HA Rotterdam


 Price (all include tax of 21%)

2250,-  Eur for Process part A

2250 ,- Eur for Professional part B 


Deposit is 750,- for each part, if canceled before 30 days, it will be transferred back. 

For the proces part you need to transfer 750,- Eur before 20 of August 2019.

For the professional part you need to transfer 750,- Eur before 3 of March 2020. 

to Stichting Bodynamic account number:

NL55 INGB 0008 1733 17,

with your first and last name,

under Shock part A (process) or B (professional) or AB (if you pay for both)


Payment after the deposit: 

transfer for the 1st module: 500,- Eur 

and transfer for the 2end module: 500,- Eur 

and transfer for the 3th module: 500,- Eur 


Another option

You can get a discount of 10% ( that is 225,-) on the whole amount (2250,-) if all payed at once at least 3 months before the start of the first module. The amount is: 2025,- Eur

For Part A Personal it would be before:  20 August 2019

For part B Professional the date is before: 3 March 2020


 interesting links:

Results of the training on recovery from traumas c stress disorder using Bodynamic system


Ditte Explaining the core values of Bodynamic: Dignity and mutual connection 

 thank you to our colleagues in Bodynamic Brazil





Who are the teachers?

Hadi Marcher Personal 1 and 3

Ditte Marcher Personal 2 and 3, Professional 5 and 6

Oleg Hukovskyy Proffesional 1

Kristina Vasiljevaite All of the above


There will be always at least 2 trainers of the mentioned above. 


If you have questions, please write me an email: