The International Foundation Training 


in Rotterdam 



More information coming soon, but we have the dates!


Come and learn all the Bodynamic character structures and your defence systems. There are so many to chose from, so here you have the chance to get to know what you already have, but what you are missing as well! 


Training is open for different professionals, and suitable for all who's is interested in learning and developing more, it will blow your mind! As long as you are alive you use many defence mechanisms, some more conscious, some less, they all have different effect...


At the same time people that surround as behave often from different character structures. And if you know which one it is, you will learn the options how to contact a person coming from this place. It can be your partner, client or child.


As well in this training you will learn the basis of Bodynamic, the Bodyknot - one of the body oriented conflict resolution models and much more. The Foundation Training is the prerequisite if you want to continue to learn for becoming a certified Bodynamic therapist. And the plan is to organise that in the Netherlands! 


(fun fact: the text above is approved by the founder)


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2020 November 18-22

2021 Februari 10-14

2021 April 14-18

2021 Juni 16-20 




Ditte Marcher

Hadi Marcher

Kristina Vasiljevaite

and more...



Centrum Djoj

Antony Duyklaan 5-7-9

3051 HA Rotterdam