I make Basic Bodymap and Full Bodymap, a diagnostic tool used in the Bodynamic

It is a  map of Your muscles, how tensed, relaxed or neutral they are.


What is the difference between Basic Bodymap and Full Bodymap?

The amount of muscles that being tested and being told about. In the Basic Bodymap You get an accurate picture of the main issues. Full Bodymap is more specific. 

The time it takes to make, Full Bodymap takes longer than Basic Bodymap. 

Price difference, Full Bodymap is more expensive than Basic Bodymap.


How do I make one?

On a massage table, fully clothed, preferably the client wears soft and little elastic clothes, think of a typical yoga outfit. To make one it takes around 2 hours, and 30-45 min to give an interpretation. 


What can you use it for?

It gives a good view on what is stored in psychological aspects in your body, the resources and problems and if there are, shocks. How you might compensate to achieve certain goals, and what other options you could also use to get where you want to be? The Bodymap gives also a view on how conscious You use different psychological aspect and what is hidden unconsciously. 


Why is it useful to have one?

You are able to see the core of the problem faster, which can reduce the hours in therapy. If you suffer from somatic physical pains in the muscles, it gives theme and a place to work in therapy. 


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